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About Jana Beeman

Jana Beeman is a Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Practitioner, Certified in Hypnosis, Yoga/Restorative Yoga, is an EFT, Meditation and Stress Relief Trainer specializing in helping people suffering from chronic pain and migraines reduce the pain, reduce the prescription medications and get their lives back. "With all my experience I've had with chronic migraines, other chronic conditions and having a really hard time managing my weight, I've learned lots of less-known techniques and I use everything in my toolbox to help my clients. Helping others get off the drugs and out of pain makes my own journey worthwhile." A portion of all income from her business is donated to various animal charities and wildlands conservation.
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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Jana says:

    Hi everyone,

    Spring is almost here! I don’t know about you, but I for one am ready. Here in the Pacific Northwest it has been just rain, rain, rain, with just a tiny peek of blue sky now and then to really whet your appetite.

    I am just launching my new migraine pain management program, and getting all that set up has been taking a ton of time. If you haven’t seen the webpage for it, check it out at http://www.balancedlifetoday.com/migraines.htm. If you know anyone with migraines, I’m really getting some great results through my program.

    I’ve got a migraine teleseminar scheduled for 4/8/11 at 9am PDT, and am working on getting the signups set up for you, so watch for that if you’re interested in joining the call.

    Well, back to my website work for now….

    Talk to you soon!

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