Ah, summer!

Hi all,

I’m happy to see the sun after many, many months of overcast, rain and snow. For those of you who live in a sun-deprived area like I do, remember to supplement your vitamin D. If you get many months without sunshine, I’d recommend around 10,000IU’s of Vitamin D3, and always remember to take it with a fat such as olive oil, fish oil, flax oil, avocado or nuts so it can be absorbed into the body. During the summer, back it down or eliminate it until the clouds come again.

Vitamin D helps fight MS and Seasonal Affective Disorder and has also been shown to help fight depression. It’s a simple way to boost your brain chemicals and feel better on a daily basis.

About Jana Beeman

Jana Beeman is a Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Practitioner, Certified in Hypnosis, Yoga/Restorative Yoga, is an EFT, Meditation and Stress Relief Trainer specializing in helping people suffering from chronic pain and migraines reduce the pain, reduce the prescription medications and get their lives back. "With all my experience I've had with chronic migraines, other chronic conditions and having a really hard time managing my weight, I've learned lots of less-known techniques and I use everything in my toolbox to help my clients. Helping others get off the drugs and out of pain makes my own journey worthwhile." A portion of all income from her business is donated to various animal charities and wildlands conservation.
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