This Metal is Making Millions Sick

 By Gail Edgell

Mercury is very toxic, especially in the body.  Many medical researchers have called for a ban on the use of all mercury products, but unfortunately the government has ignored the concern.  Mercury can adversely affect the immune, urinary, cardiac, respiratory and digestive systems.  It has also been shown to deteriorate brain function. 

If a person is old enough, they most likely have had a cavity filled with “silver.”  This silver is actually about 50% mercury.  According to the World Health Organization, dental fillings contribute more to mercury levels in the body than any other source. 

The International Academy of Medicine and Toxicology believes everyone should have mercury fillings removed unless they are pregnant or lactating.  Mercury is released into the body from the fillings each and every day and it accumulates in the body.  Elevated mercury levels may not have an adverse health impact for years.   

It is very important that if one chooses to have mercury fillings removed, they should find a “biological dentist” who is properly trained in mercury removal.  To find a dentist go to

In many cases, it is recommended that patients who want to have their mercury fillings removed also complete a mercury detox.  A protocol that many alternative and Naturopathic medicine professionals utilize is calcium bentonite clay.  Some clays are able to extract not only heavy metals, but also pesticides and other radioactive materials from the body.   How it works is that when clay mixes with water it swells and creates pockets of spaces. The toxins are attracted to the spaces.  Then the clay is eventually eliminated from the body.  As the mercury leaves the body, it is surrounded by the clay and therefore does not harm other parts of the body.  The key is to make sure the clay is coming from a reputable source and is clean and pure.  Chlorella tablets and cilantro tincture also help to remove toxins from the body and many times are part of these protocols.  Here is a great website to find out about all the benefits of clay  You will be amazed. 

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