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Breathing Deep for Less Stress

I do write a lot about breathing. Fact is… it HELPS. There are a few different ways to breathe deeply so that you can get some fast benefits. First, just breathe into the bottom of the belly, really filling the … Continue reading

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Beating Stress & Fatigue

5 Tips for Beating Stress and Fatigue By Jana Beeman, CHHP, CHT, AADP It’s been getting worse for weeks: that feeling of dragging yourself out of bed, dragging yourself to work, not having energy to do anything fun… or, just … Continue reading

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Migraines and Sleep

Migraines and Sleep                 By Jana Beeman, CHHP, AADP It’s one of those nasty truths that migraine sufferers know all too well: when you don’t sleep well, you get migraines, and when you have migraines, it’s often really hard to … Continue reading

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